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Small businesses support Revenue for Rhode Islanders!

We the undersigned small business owners support the Revenue for Rhode Island campaign and its goal of changing Rhode Island’s personal income tax system in order to raise additional revenue necessary for Rhode Island to prosper. Changing our system so that the wealthiest of Rhode Islanders pay more in income taxes will generate state revenue that will help our economy stronger – giving small businesses a much-needed boost.

Income inequality has grown in the United States; and asking the wealthiest Rhode Islanders to pay more in income taxes is fair and equitable. Those making more than $1 million dollars per year have benefited from a series of big tax breaks and can easily afford a small increase in taxes only on income over $1,000,000.

Rhode Island suffers from repeated projected budget deficits despite a strong U.S. economy. More revenue is needed to fund important programs while addressing the structural deficits that have plagued our state.

With additional resources, Rhode Island will be able to invest in:

  • Increased funding to state agencies that provide support to Rhode Islanders, including hiring more caseworkers at DCYF, enhancing services at the Rhode Island Veterans Home and funding public defenders.
  • Properly funding K-12 education and early childhood education to ensure Rhode Island youth receive an education they deserve without added burden to local property taxpayers
  • Increasing the state funding of public higher education institutions to reduce the tuition cost and lower student debt
  • Enhancing adult education and workforce development programs so that Rhode Islanders can get good-paying jobs in a changing economy
  • Investing in quality care for long term care programs for seniors and individuals living with disabilities by reducing staff turnover with a living wage for caregivers
  • Continuing our work to fix roads and bridges, renovate and rebuild schools, and invest in infrastructure to promote economic development projects
  • Adding more funding for affordable housing in our state
  • Providing sufficient municipal aid to give meaningful property tax relief

We will support the Revenue for Rhode Island campaign to engage, educate and mobilize small businesses and our customers and supporters to promote changes in our tax structure that are fair to the working class and supports economic growth.